Technical Training Program held at Jaffna Central College

  • The seminar for Advance Level Technology stream students of JCC was held on the 18th and 19th of June 2019.
  • Another seminar was held on the 20th of June for Ordinary Level drop out students known as the 13batch students by the education ministry.
  • The inauguration ceremony was held successfully.
  • The Principal, Vice Principal, sectional heads, subject teachers, Jaffna regional office staff of David Pieris Motor Company, Technical Training Centre Staff of DPMC, Jaffna Service dealers of DPMC, Colombo OBA members, Jaffna OBA members participated in the inaugural ceremony.
  • The title of this training program is Automobile Technology.
  • 65 Technology stream A/L students participated in this training program.
  • 15 O/L students participated in the 3rd day seminar
  • The 65 students were given a t-shirt each by DPMC
  • Meals and refreshments were provided for 2 days by DPMC
  • The Technical staff of DPMC conducted the seminar
  • The instructor of the seminar V.Jeganesan was a JCC old boy and is also a member of the Colombo OBA
  • 4 boxes of training spare parts were handed over to the principal of JCC permanently for students training purposes by DPMC training Centre
  • A two wheeler chassis frame and a complete engine was given to the school by the DPMC service dealer Morris Motors
  •  The 3-day workshop was completed successfully.
  • The program we have planned for these students after the training program is (Future Action Plan):
  • We have decided to conduct additional classes for these students on the weekends, conducted by the same instructor
  • Preparing students for the exam
  • Providing job opportunities
  • All the expenses for the 3-day training program was sponsored by David Pieris Motor Company .
  • Mr. V. Jeganesan is the one who spoke to David Pieris Motor Company and arranged everything and got the sponsorship for the three day training program. 

Sponsored Items

  • 65 T-shirts     –   38000\=
  • 12 Gift packs – 9000\=
  • Meals and refreshments for all the students   – 56000\=
  • Providing an instructor 3 Days –  Free  N/V
  • New vehicle displays and flags  –  20000\=
  • Training materials – 4 boxes – from DPMC TTC- 50000\=
  • Training materials – from DPMC service dealer  – 55000\-=
  • 5 boxesof training materials to be sent to JCC by the end of this month – 75000\=
  • Expenses for the DOMC staff who participated in this program10 Staff –  Free  N/A
  • Program Coordinator – Mr. R. Ranjithkumar ( COBA )

Instructor – Mr. V. Jeganesan ( COBA )

1st Observer –  Mr. Aboo ( COBA )

2nd Observer – Mr. Justin ( COBA )

Consultant and Advisor – Mr. S.S. Sivakumar ( COBA )

  • The request to conduct the training program was sent by the principal of JCC to the Ex-Co members of COBA through Mr. R. Ranjithkumar

         V. Jeganesan

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